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"Gospel music has skillfully and completely been reinvented by Onno Smit, Paul Willemsen and singer Michelle David. They are going back to the origin and essence of the music, but with a new approach. Expect gospel wrapped in a blanket of Soul, Jazz and Afrobeat."

American born Gospel singer, Michelle David, began her love for singing at the young age of 4. By the time David was 14 years old, she had already enrolled herself in a degree program in New York’s Fame School where she contributed to the movie Ghostbusters. Over the years, David’s continued passion for singing grew as she auditioned for Broadway’s “Mamma, I Want To Sing” Musical and with great success found work in Germany and the Netherlands. Here is where she worked with Stardust Theater Productions and performed for the shows “The Sound of Motown”, “Glory of Gospel”, and “Mahalia.” David’s latest release in 2016 is her Gospel Sessions Vol. 2, a sequel to her intro project Vol. 1. This album showcases David’s passion for gospel music by incorporating personal experiences and vulnerability into her music.

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