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"Bad Veins are a rarity in today’s musical landscape: An act who didn’t set out to become critical darlings or the next “buzz” band, but managed to achieve both after only playing a handful of shows."

Bad Veins is Benjamin Davis (vocals, guitar), Jake Bonta (drums), and live member, “Irene”, a 1973 Pioneer reel-to-reel recorder that handles filling out the duo’s lush studio soundscapes onstage. Each track on their new album The Mess Remade is its own sonic island crafted from a dizzying array of textures, vocal harmonies, and dense thickets of melody. The Mess Remade features the transcendently beautiful fan favorite “Kindness,” the sublimely beautiful “I Shut My Heart Down,” and a wide-eyed and triumphant rendition of The Muppets’ “Rainbow Connection.” Bad Veins have toured extensively with Two Door Cinema Club, Walk the Moon, Frightened Rabbit, St. Lucia and We Were Promised Jetpacks.

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