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“Soul Push even sounds a bit like a cross-pollination between the catchy indie rock of Foals and the danceable funk-soul of Jungle on Diamonds. The combination is wonderfully contagious and puts a big smile on our face. We will hear a lot from Soul Push in the future, at least that much is clear.”

Capturing the hearts of gritty pop rockers and alternative fans from around the world, Canadian born Andrew Dixon, Dallyn Hunt, and Tim Morrison paired up with South African songwriter Conan Jurek and started releasing music under the name Soul Push in early 2020.

From distant heartbreak and mental warfare to reassuring themes of sexuality and self-actualization, diversity is clear in Soul Push’s wide array of influences and lyrical content.

By harmonizing modernism with the romance of music’s earlier decades, the group affirms that there is still an art in storytelling. For them, music isn’t about finding an identity; it’s about exploring new ones. It’s R&B meets rock-pop, it’s gospel soul meets synthesizers - why put a label on it?

Soul Push was born after the quartet decided to chase inspiration and temporarily move their lives to Europe. After writing an album in London (UK) and recording it in a small town in Portugal, they returned to the North American scene eager to flaunt their new sound.  

Following an acclaimed 2020 and the release of their debut EP: “Body Is A Temple”, Soul Push continues to effortlessly shape-shift in 2021 with their latest single “Good Man”. 

Bridging the gap between modernism and what the 1960’s thought future music would sound like, “Good Man” is a gritty dance party filled with vintage synths and crunchy guitars that will leave you in a sweat.

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