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Brothers Alan and Stevie Jukes are warm and genuine, their Scottish lilt making fans’ heads turn as they pumped up the crowd onstage. Make no mistake- this duo is about to be your latest musical obsession, with an arena-friendly sound that’s filled rooms across the UK.

Shades of Imagine Dragons, Twenty One Pilots and OneRepublic weave their way through SAINT PHNX's sound, but this duo are unique. A big helping of attitude, a willingness to experiment and a knack for writing rousing choruses ensures they make enough noise to rival a full band, and they're not afraid to get real in their lyrics, even chronicling the setbacks they've had while climbing the ladder in the notoriously tough music industry.

With only three songs out at the time, attention soon came to the brothers as their second track 'King' was being played on US radio and they received a call from the Imagine Dragons manager asking them to support in London. "The pressure was on as we had only done 10 shows before that and we were on a big stage with one of the world's biggest bands,", Alan remembers. "We rehearsed every minute of every day to make sure we were spot on." The reaction to the gig was phenomenal.

Since then, Saint PHNX have been able to hone their craft; they played across the country as festivals like Reading & Leeds and V Festival and embarked on their own headline tour in September 2017. In the short year that Saint PHNX has existed, many goals have already been achieved, and it's their brotherly bond that's spurred their whirlwind career forward.


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