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Television Giant Sky TV Launches Trailer Label, Signs with Riptide

Riptide has announced that Sky Television, “Home of Movies in the UK,” has signed Riptide to represent Sky’s newly launched trailer music label, “Wall of Noise,” across the USA and Canada. The “Wall of Noise” trailer music catalogue, joins some of the biggest names in trailer music already being represented by Riptide.

The team behind “Wall of Noise” enlisted the contributions of some of the best composers in the business today, to deliver this carefully crafted new catalogue, and tailored it specifically for producers, editors and creatives working in motion picture advertising and major network TV Promo. The “Wall of Noise” team crafted the library from scratch, by working with Sky Television’s trailer producers to address the specific needs for its numerous movie channels. We believe that the “Wall of Noise” label has a strong potential within the U.S. and Canadian marketplace.

“Our newly acquired ‘Wall of Noise’ catalogue is going to be a great asset to any music supervisor or editor in the trailer world!” adds Taylor Amazan, Riptide’s Creative Manager, Trailers.“From the easily searchable ‘Hard As Nails’ sound design, to organic driving drum cues, to the intimate, high quality production value of their strings, these releases will quickly become a reliable, trustworthy, ‘go-to’ resource for so many different production needs.”


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