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Riptide Music Group EVP Megan McKinlay Speaks At A2IM Indie Week

(Left to right: Megan McKinlay, Christy Robinson, Alisa Coleman, and Kim Temple)

Last month, Riptide Music Group’s EVP Megan McKinlay spoke on the “Starting Your Label’s Publishing Arm — Best Practices” panel at A2IM’s Indie Week conference. She was joined by Alisa Coleman (ABKCO Music & Records, Inc.), Christy Robinson (Curb Records), and Kim Temple (Six Shooter Records), who discussed their recommendations for effectively launching a publishing wing within a label.

Megan’s key points included:

How to have and maintain accurate metadata and a centralized database to store it;

Partnering with an existing publisher to learn about registration, royalty types, and collection;

Attain membership at trade organizations (e.g., A2IM, NMPA, AIMP) to stay current with relevant topics in publishing space and take advantage of built in support and connection.


About A2IM Indie Week: A2IM Indie Week is a four-day international conference and networking event aimed at maximizing the global impact of Independent music. Featuring keynotes, panels, exclusive networking sessions, and more, Indie Week has historically drawn an attendance of over 1200 participants from over 30 countries.


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