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Panther Matumona, multi-instrumentalist vocalist and modern Hip-Hop producer, has honed a live performance that combines the power of a full, sonic experience with the energy of an iconic one man show. Taking elements from both live instrumentation and electronic music, Panther Matumona prides himself on being at the cutting edge of modern rap music production as well as creating poignant lyrics aimed at the modern indigo soul.

Raised in Vancouver BC, his 1st group Panther & The Supafly helped build his reputation one show at a time, going on to perform sold out shows at venues such as The Biltmore, Venue, and Fortune Soundclub, building a solid following of excited turnup fans and clarity seekers in the process. In the media, Panther was featured on the front cover of Beatroute magazine, was positively reviewed in The Georgia Straight and Discorder magazines. Panther performed alongside his band on Shaw TV's program Urban Rush, and were featured in many popular online music blogs, such as Winnie Cooper and Hip Hop Canada.

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