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Coming off the great and 80s-inspired Everyday Is Kill from 2017, Damon Baxter sets phasers to destroy and wallops us with monstrous beats and menacing synth. It’s a tour-de-force built on the old adage “go big or go home”. Well, Deadly Avenger is going nowhere, folks.

Composer, producer and international DJ, Damon Baxter aka Deadly Avenger, first burst onto the dance music scene back in the the early 2000s. Supported by the likes of Fatboy Slim, Propellerheads and Jon Carter, Damon was heralded as the pioneer of ‘Big Beat’ touring the world and setting dancefloors alight. He eventually settled nicely into a residency alongside UNKLE and The Wiseguys, which lead to the release of two of the genres biggest records, ‘Evel Kneivel’ and ‘King Titos Gloves’.

But it wasn’t until the first remixes were commissioned that the true Deadly Avenger sound would emerge. A sound that the indie scene embraced, bands such as Travis, Manic Street Preachers, Elbow, and The Charlatans were all seduced by the overly emotional strings, blended with dirty beats and enigmatic arrangements. A sound that developed fully with the re-imagining of Bill Conti’s “Going The Distance” into the form of “We Took Pelham”.

It was this piece that was to open the doors into the world of music to picture. The opening track from the critically acclaimed ‘Deep Red’ album, was to set the tone of things to come over the next few years. With music being used from advertisements to movie trailers, sports shows to dramas, Deadly Avenger has now gone full circle and is ready to unleash music once again.

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