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"There’s something so refreshing and soothing about a Dashboard Confessional song. He keeps his lyrics simple and honest for the most part, never hiding behind a smokescreen of cool."

Canada Only

Singer/songwriter Chris Carrabba became the poster boy for a generation of emo fans in the early 2000s, having left behind his former band (the post-hardcore Christian outfit Further Seems Forever) to concentrate on vulnerable, introspective solo musings. Armed with an acoustic guitar and soul-baring song lyrics, he christened his new project Dashboard Confessional - named after a lyric in "The Sharp Hint of New Tears" -- and began releasing material in 2000. By 2001's The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most, Dashboard Confessional had evolved into a full-fledged band, but Carrabba nevertheless remained the focal point of both the group and the rejuvenated emo genre.

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