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"As singer with The Chevin 

[Coyle Girelli] always showed a little bit of class, a touch of style, glamour, and camaraderie."

- Clash Music

The Chevin frontman, Coyle Girelli released his debut solo single "Where's My Girl?" on Friday May 11th, 2018. The song is the first from his debut solo album, "Love Kills," which is out in summer 2018. "Where's My Girl?" offers up a taste of the moody, romantic, cinematic tone of his new music, which he labels "Modern Noir."

"Where's My Girl?" swims in a sound that mixes the crooning influences of Roy Orbison and Johnny Cash with hints of Ennio Morricone. The song exudes lust and longing with Girelli's yearning chorus answered by a twangy 50's guitar riff. 

The origin story of Girelli's debut solo album begins with multiple songwriting sessions with music legend Mac Davis, writer of iconic hits such as "In The Ghetto" and "A Little Less Conversation" for Elvis Presley. It was a pivotal moment for Girelli. "Everything seemed to make more sense to me and I let my voice lead the way."

That songwriting experience with Davis opened a new path for Girelli, as he wrote an entire album that is a fresh take on the romantic spirit of lusty early rock, dark and soulful Americana, and sweeping cinematic music. 

Originally from Leeds, England, Girelli is now based in Brooklyn, New York City where he coproduced and recorded his upcoming album, "Love Kills."


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