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"[Capyac] is what baby dance parties want to be when they grow up: the Platonic ideal, the one percent, the Jay Gatsby of dance parties." - Study Breaks Magazine

Potion met P. Sugz at a baked potato competition in Key West, Florida. P. Sugz beat Potion 4-2 in a match that lasted for three days. Potion was devastated, but after P. Sugz had his car stolen, Potion offered to give him a ride back to Texas in his #redhot Subaru and they quickly became friends, if not lovers.

Along the way, they picked up various hitchhikers, each of which, in a fairy tale-like fashion, had a specific musical talent and obvious narrative function (#josephcampbell). By the time they had arrived in Texas, the band had three albums of material, and they haven’t worked a day since.
At a gas station in Mumple, Texas, they hired Samosa Jones, a meatball salesman with an attitude, as their manager.

Today, Potion and P. Sugz live in Los Angeles, California, but communicate nonverbally with various insect species around the world. When not selling fish 😉 , they are busy studying the origins of human language and non-invasive surgical technology.


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