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Forest is an enigma wrapped in mystery. He’s an enchanting voice whose music often speaks about pain, melancholy, lust, love, damage, nostalgia, youth and tragedy in a refreshing and honest way and his fans liken the euphoria of his music to sex or drugs. Although he’s garnered a cult, he has a caution to openness and sustains an enticing secrecy that draws people in hungrily.


His music just narrowly transcends rnb, soul, hip hop, indie alternative or any other established genre and he seems to be in his own lane of nostalgia and wonder that trims those genres down and marries them. His resistance to show his face on social media sustains a mystique unheard of in the modern realm of entertainment and his growing fan-base can’t seem to get enough of him. It’s often likened to early The Weeknd, Billie Eilish and Travis Scott.


He’s often been featured in articles by most popular publications in South Africa, namely Hype Magazine, Slikouronlife, Native Mag and News24 and has his even share of international co-signs. We often find him in the circles of the music elites in South Africa and he has somehow garnered a worldwide network of die-hard fans who range from playing his music during sex, a party, a streetfight, a good cry or even a Sunday drive with our parents.


He sounds like tragedy, he sets things on fire when he’s sad and nobody really knows much about where he is or where he comes from but you can find heaps of bare and raw honesty in his music which seems to be the only source people can seem to find out anything about him. 

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