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"BIIANCO might just be the queer woman of the moment. The artist is on the dawn of releasing her latest EP, keeping female empowerment at the epicenter of her music."

BIIANCO is the electronic chill-wave moniker of LA-based multi-instrumentalist and producer, Gabby Bianco. Leaning heavily into vocoders, beats and heartbreak, BIIANCO blends a cool lyrical pragmatism reminiscient of Bob Moses with an emotion-driven electronic soundscape similar to ODESZA. Clad in gold jewelry, sultry moves and wielding drum pads, BIIANCO is proof that not all mad scientists come as men in white lab coats. BIIANCO self-produces and engineers all her music, providing a much needed feminine voice in an electronic music genre dominated by male producers. Her live show features a one-woman show in which she seamlessly juggles keyboards, drum pads, airy vocals and lyrical dance.


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