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Senior Creative Director, Trailers & Promos

As the Senior Creative Director of Trailers & Promos, Taylor works closely with Riptide’s abundant roster of composers and artists to create and produce exciting new material for the sync world. Growing up in Portland, OR, in a home that was always surrounded with music, Taylor developed a musical ear from a very early age. Her passion grew in high school as a pianist, vocalist, and songwriter, and continued through her studies in Audio Production at Ithaca College in NY, where she discovered a special love of seeing music synced to picture.
Before coming to Riptide, Taylor was a Music Supervisor at Ant Farm & Industry Creative for six years, working on marketing campaigns such as Transformers, Mission Impossible, Star Trek, Wolf of Wall Street, American Hustle, Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed and many more. While working closely in-house with composer Simone Benyacar, she developed her passion and skills in producing, composing, and performing for a wide variety of custom theatrical marketing projects. Her vocals have been featured in campaigns such as The Blair Witch, Voyeur, Triple Nine, The Promise and others. The experience and skills she acquired as a Music Supervisor for trailers translate into her in-depth knowledge of what it takes to create a sync gem that’s perfect for placement.

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