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Executive Vice President

Megan has journeyed her way from being a just a music lover to a lover of all things music.  Megan's true north has always been to help others.  Her entry into the music industry was no different.  She came on board in 2006 with Pigfactory to develop an overall understanding of music licensing and publishing administration so that she could positively impact the business with streamlined systems and operations.  Megan quickly became instrumental in the formation of a successful worldwide network for at-source royalty collection and copyright registration.  In 2014, the Pigfactory family merged with Riptide Music Inc creating Riptide Music Group.  Megan continued on as the Director and then the VP of Publishing Administration department for the past 15 years.

In her new role as EVP, Megan now sits in a position where she can apply her true north to creating and maintaining a positive and rewarding working environment for Riptide employees as well as for Riptide clients and partners.  She has a natural ability to identify synergistic relationships and create win-win partnerships.

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