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ERIC SCHWANKE // Coordinator, Copyright and Royalties

eric schwanke.jpg

Eric’s love of music came to fruition from growing up in the hardcore punk/metal scene, where he often hung around with touring bands as well as booking local shows. As a teenager, he joined his family business, Schwanke Music Group, and started working on synchronization licenses for shows such as Glee, Family Guy, American Horror Story and many others. As the digital streaming age began to form, Eric spent years independently studying the music publishing industry, and consulting self-releasing musicians on royalty collection, copyright protection and various legal complexities. In 2020, Eric joined boutique sync licensing firm Hidden Track Music, charged with asset collection, licensing and database management. When Hidden Track Music was acquired by Riptide Music Group, Eric joined the Riptide Copyright and Royalties team. He now simultaneously works in conjunction with both companies, handling copyright management, client relations and royalty collections. As a staunch songwriter advocate, Eric still advises musicians who look for guidance to this day.

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