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SAM ANDERSON // Intern, Administration

Samuel was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama where after graduating high school, had the opportunity to participate in an internship with American Idol singer, Ruben Studdard, where he gained knowledge and experience within the music industry.

Thereafter, he joined the Army where he worked in various sectors such as administrative support, logistics, office operations, and event planning and coordination.


After completing his military service, Samuel moved to LA to pursue his music career and obtained his first entertainment and current position with Simha Records as a producer and assistant editor assigned to the Idea Generation Podcast, founded by Noah Callahan-Bever. He recently joined Riptide as an Administrative Intern with the intensions to expand his knowledge of music publishing and sync.  As an intern, he is receiving hands on experience with data entry and catalog research and organization projects while learning the various music and income types and the processes of pitching syncs.


He is currently enrolled at the Los Angeles Film School pursuing a B.S. in Entertainment Business and plans to obtain a M.A. in Digital Communications. He is interested in developing a career in A&R and Artist Management.

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