About Us

Who We Are

Most of us are musicians. All of us are music lovers. We like discovering it, listening to it, talking about it.  We love sharing it with people who love it as much as we do.  We feel lucky to do what we do.

That’s who we are as people. As a company, we are defined by the amazing roster of music and musicians who we serve and the talented people who we provide music for.

We look forward to working with you.


What We Do

Sync Licensing
We work hard to create revenue for songs by placing them in TV shows, commercials, films, trailers, video games, websites, and anything else that people put music in. We start by partnering with incredibly talented and creative artists and songwriters. Then we do a lot of homework and learn their story so that we can share it. We study their songs so we can identify projects we think they’d be perfect for. Then we proactively work to make sure those songs are heard by the right people – people we’ve spent years developing relationships with who trust the music we send them. And while we’re doing all that, our more than 20 international partners across 6 continents are sharing the music with the right people in their countries.

Royalty Administration
We help collect revenue for songs that are already generating royalties from sync placements, radio play, and record sales so our clients get what they’ve earned. We make sure that their songs are registered correctly with the performance and mechanical royalty organizations, not just in the US but everywhere throughout the world. We check cue sheets to make sure the information was listed correctly and then we compare that to our statements to check that everything’s been paid. When something is wrong or missing – we catch it and make sure it’s corrected. And because we are direct members of many of the major royalty societies around the globe, we get more money more quickly than most of our competitors who rely solely on sub-publishers. We try to collect every penny, because it belongs to you.

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